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beautiful, everything looks fine on, after reading the article in the newspaper about there's not going to be any other boat docking facility possibilities or something like that, something about the watershed 1/15th or something, i'm not sure, that was in the newspaper article, so there's a little problem that i'm looking at. it can be a very large problem because of the water issue. currently, puc hasn't yet come together on how to do the recycled water again at golden gate park nor to do with other watering of the golf course, so when i look at it, is it ever going to be lake merced being used as a storage area for fresh water, for recycled water, san francisco has to come up with 25 million gallons of recycled water and currently
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there's puc of 2.5 to 3 million gallons a day, so i don't know how it's going to be, that's the bigger picture but when you start narrowing it down with the northlake they use in fresh water and separating out different lakes, that's kicked around a little bit. they also don't have a set plan, a puc for the reverse osmosis of the water that's coming out of the ground water. my problem with that is every time i go to the water type place, i have an issue with why aren't we drinking portable water, why don't we get the reverse osmosis and that's more in the public safety health and getting better water. if you want to buy water, black mountain makes such water, reverse osmosis and it takes
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out all that bacteria which causes in humans the productivity of plaque, i'm at that age, you want to keep it down a little bit. if we have to drink water, wouldn't you want some reverse osmosis water rather than everything being dumped back on to the lawns. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i will now entertain a motion to approve the consent calendar. >> moved to approve the consent calendar. >> second fmd >> moved and seconded, all those in favor? >> aye. >> o poised. hearing none, it's unanimous. let's go to the item 5b on the consent calendar that was pulled off. >> hello, karen, deputy director for park plan, good morning commissioners and general manager, i am here to start the presentation on the
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central subway union square market street station and the item before you is a discussion and possible action to approve under charter section 4.133, the construction of has surface and subsurface construction in union square park, this is required for the union square central union subway station and this was heard at the capitol committee and you saw a presentation by john klun gi, and he is back today, he's going to provide more information on this item. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners, john, the central subway program manager. i'm pleased to note that while i don't have an outstanding video that i just saw of the parks, i do have a powerpoint
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presentation that will show case the proposed union square station, the northern entrance of the union street market square station that i'll be showing you today and before i start the slide show, i would like to add that this design has been in six years of design development and i'm very pleased and proud to announce that i believe that your vote today will actually be the last public hearing for the designing construction of the four stations that will comprise of the central subway station, and this station has received approvals from previous commissioner from the rec and park commission, the planning department, the historic preservation committee, the union district improvement district, the arts commission and finally civic design.
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the central subway's essentially phase two of the third street light rail program that went into revenue service april, 2007, the 1.7 mile central subway extension essentially will cut trip times in half to over 65 thousand riders on a daily basis where 68% of the population that live adjacent relies on public transportation. this is an aerial shot of union square, now, the proposed station will be located on the southeastern corner of the square. this is a view of the square looking from across the street, macy's, and looking down, looking north on to the square and this is an identical view shown with the union square market street entrance tucked
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into the lower right of the photo, a little closer view of the same view. the actual station itself takes up about 1200 square feet of parkland where 950 square feet of that parkland is restored with a walk walk ble roof, so this is a shot of the view that you'd see from the actual square itself looking south over the walk able roof. and this is a view from the walk able roof looking east. and the next two slides are views of the station looking west from stockton.
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and that completes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. >> we do have public comment on this item, howard wong. >> honorable commissioner, my name is howard wong, i'm with same muni, regarding the resolution square and subway station construction, there is a need to submit this approval and resolution to construct
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structure ins union square park to the voters under section charter 4.113 sub 2, and a need to do a subsequent environmental impact report to assess these changes and the design of the project and the increasing encroachment of have you beening -- structures on to union square. i have a letter that has more details from save's lawyer and i would like to submit our attorney's letter to the commission and the recreation department. i have 9 copies of this letter from lippy gardener llp. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, tamika moss.
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>> good morning, commissioners, my name is tamika moss and i'm the community planning director at spur, it has supported the subway project since 2007. this project is a critical strategic investment that will improve public access for the entire city, the design of the space was approved by this commission to have minimal impacts on union square park, no shadow impact, so we believe at this stage, it's critical to move forward with approving this phase of the plan. spur conducted a -- convened a work group to really look at the cost effectiveness of how to keep the central subway project its most cost effective and maintaining our schedule
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for construction costs is really the best way to contain construction costs, so we really encourage the commission to approve this phase of the project and really get this project done. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you. i might have a question of the city attorney that relates to the previous pecker's objection that the resolution violates the charter section 4.113 (2), can you opine? >> certainly, commissioner? i believe the section of the charter referenced by the speaker prohibits the non-recreational or non-park use of park property would require approval of the voter's
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for use, this includes find chastising the commission will be mainlining that this does serve a park and recreational purpose and that's specifically on page 4 of your resolution, there are several findings where how it will improve access to the park, increase visitor ship to the park and occupy a substantial portion of the park. >> thank you, commissioner low? >> also a question to the city attorney. the eir that was approved in 2008, i believe, was that of an envelope of the union square station? >> i'm not sure i understand that question. it might be directed better to the mta staff. >> mr. fungi?
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>> commissioners, john fungi, central subway program manager, the eir document that was aprao*fed in 2008 essentially had a 30% design of the station and the station itself back when it was originally designed in 2006 and as it exists today is essentially the same with the enhancements of the various commissions that have reviewed and approved the station. if i was to show you what the station looked like in 2006, it would have a much greater impact of the park of massing versus one that you're reviewing today which is tucked into the park and almost looks like it's part of the park, but the footprint of 2006 is essentially bigger than what we're proposing today, and there's also a planning
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department finding of the current views of all three stations and it's in your packet dated september 12 from mr. bik wiko that addresses the topic of any changes that may have occurred from early 2006 up to today. >> so, the footprint was larger and what's being now before this commission is actually a smaller less intrusive structure? >> correct. >> and the number of trips, the foot traffic through the station was also analyzed so this design doesn't impact the number of trips that might come through the station? >> that's correct. it's much more of a universal design without getting into the details, the elevators were located on stockton, we made it a more of a universal design and in terms of anticipated passenger usage, it's essentially very close to what
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was predicted back in 2006. >> good morning, commissioners, if i could add one other thing that also in mr. wiko's memo, he does make a finding that there would be no significant changes to the design, you know, necessitating further environmental review. >> thank you. seeing no other comments, let me just one and that is that we've watched this design improve with each presentation to the commission and i think it's a far superior design than where we started, i think that's been acknowledged and the impact on the park is minimal and i think i express the gratitude to the staff for making those changes and making those improvements, i think it's a much better project. this commission is not charged with deciding whether central subways are good or bad, it's not charged with dictating
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public policy on transportation, it's looking at the park and its impact on it and i think the staff has been very responsive to the censer of -- concerns of the public, so thank you. commissioner low? >> i would also like to add that as part of the capitol committee, we did review in detail about the ceqa analysis and the park, since we did, we did receive bill wiko's of september 12 which should be entered into the record as well where he finds that there is no requirement of additional ceqa findings or analysis required by this plan, and at that capitol committee, we did make a finding that this will bring increased visitors to the park and increase the recreational activities as the city attorney noted, that this will increase the recreational activity at
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union square and is consistent with the park code, section 4.113. >> thank you. >> with that, the chair would entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> it's been moved. >> second. >> been moved and seconded, all those in favor. >> aye. .ing opposed, hearing none, it's unanimous. thank you. >> we are now on item 6, the san francisco zoo. with the san francisco zoo. we are off to a great start for the month of september and both in terms of attendance and mission revenue, this was due to the the large response, it was offered at the children's zoo as well as county music
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played. also this month, we hosted a day for disabled veterans, so the actual attendance was 46 thousand 827 visitors and overbudget by 10 thousand visitors, due to lower attendance though on some of the free days this summer, year to date attendance seemed low below budget. as you may have seen, the zoo recently had an opportunity to take advantage of some empty space in the chronicle, this was an ad pulled out by corporate colleagues and we had two days' notice to come up with our own campaign, we hope it was a fun tongue and cheek as i underscore the animals and thrive it. >> can you read it? it's really good. >> alright, well -- >> maybe you should make the
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general manager read it. >> yes, thank you. well, dear homosapiens, hello and good wellness upon you, we hope this message finds you all happy, healthy and sufficiently groomed, we are the animals that live in the san francisco zoo, we share the same air with you, we drink the same water with you and howl at the same full moon, was belive tokt, we're corrected to each other, what's good for you is good for us, for example, visiting us at the zoo reduces your blood pressure, that's good for you and you visiting us, that's good for us, and it helps them and us, so anyway, quick notice on that, speaking of ads, as you know, our vp of marketing retired in early june, we then had our communications director leave shortly thereafter to relocate to the east coast, so
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we were sparse with marketing but we have a new communications director, abby, and next week, a new vp of marketing, jill lynch and then i go on vacation. moving along as you know, we have members and membership is the bread and butter of the zoo, once a month we hold an annual meeting, this was this tuesday september 18, not only was there good attendance but there was a surprise gift of 15 thousand dollar to the zoo's capital campaign, they did this through calendars, cookies and lemonade. as you walk around the zoo, you may see some new creature, our education department was able to obtain life size dinosaurs, you may not know that birds are the only living relative of dinosaurs, thus the education department is placing the life
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size dinosaurs by our a*ifr ris to excite new people about young birds, we have discovered a prehistoric garden, i invite you how to see the ostrich resembles these ancient beasts, i wanted to thank grocery outlet for sponsoring this year's boo at the zoo, we thank grocery outlet for donating over 100 thousand pieces of candy, this is during the weekend of october 27 and 28 and it is free for members and their families, speaking of events, at last month's meeting, we were trying a new event at niekt, at most museum x they are trying to reach out to new professionals, at the zoo, that is a dilemma for us, we have animals to worry about and no indao*r space, so we tried something new and i'll show you a clip from that.
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(showing video clip). >> hi, guys, amy here, we're here to check out the san francisco zoo tonight for ox tails, this event, right here at san francisco at the zoo, come follow me. >> we're here with too woo, he's the v.p. of philanthropy here. >> nox tails, you get to see the monkey, you get to have have a cocktail and then you have silent storm, we wanted to have a disco but we can't
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because it disturbs the animals, the animals have to come first, you get a group called silent storm, you get a headset, you put them up, you have a disco, you don't disturb the animals, you get the best of both worlds. >> this is the director of business development and public relations. >> i'm the marketing director. >> and where silent storm sound system providing the disco experience this evening, so we offer silent disco experiences in unique spaces where you can't normally hear music. >> your city's abbreviation, we deliver nationwide so let's have a silent disco next weekend. >> all the animals seem kind of excited and checking things out, what's going on, i know there's a nocturnal animals that are most active at niekt,
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you can hear some music or not, that's your choice. >> i got a little techno going on myself, it *f i have it here, we're in san francisco zoo, we have great animals and talking to great people, doing thing ins the city, doing things here, they're fun to do, they're safe in a great new environment, come check it out, there's disco. >> over 700 people attended, the london zoo copied us and this is featured at the wall street journal, we're debating whether to try it again but it was a success that niekt so i thank you in that freedom for trying spg new. that finishes my report. >> is there any public comment on this item?
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>> hi there, my name's ar ya*l kelly, i did see the story in the wall street journal on the cover about what they did at the london zoo and i had a few friends in london would were able to attend the avent in london, it was revolutionized, the way young people visit zoos, but in san francisco, there is a multibillion night life industry in the city and a lot of people who really like to get out in the evening and participate in activities like this. i would just like to strongly urge that the zoo do another event like this one and partner with the entertainment commission and some of the other night life industry people in the city to help get the word out. i wasn't aware that this event happened in san francisco but absolutely have a network of people who would have loved to attend it and i think it's a great way for people who niekt not have kids or a reason to go to the zoo k to venture that, check it out and become lifetime participants of the zoo. we didn't get the wall street
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journal cover but london did after they copied san francisco, i want to commend the zoo for taking this step at a silent disco and they're doing it all around the world. >> thank you. >> richard? >> richard fong, commissioners, i'm looking at the zoo, there was a professor, terry, from florida, came over to acwc, animal control welfare commission, i would like to commend the zoo on doing a job well done on looking after tucker and the beard, it was one of those great tanya type of fundraiser. i think she's up to it again. anyway, i just wanted to bring in a few points.
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they actually got the filtration going for the little water hole for the hippo and the other part there that would have been broukt up by professor terry had 20 -- to do with the emerging the surroundings in the area, i brought the part about the -- there's a calmly tree, there's no rubbing tree that animals use, that was cal lea's old tree, i was hoping we could find a better resting spot for the hippo, it usually doesn't have much to do in the daytime so they have it projected out in front and they have the water hole there and it's all sloped down into the water hole so now that they're doing filtration, i would like to commend the zoo staff in
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getting the filtration going. the part that i thought would be very simple being this is the park and rec commission is that they come up with a tree that have leaves that hang over them so the hydration of the skin be better. can you give them a place to lie down, a little resting spot, and that's all, other than that, i think the zoo has taken the extra measure in trying to hire a wellness professor that looks into the psychological wellness of animals. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are on item 7, the marina degaussing station.
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>> good morning, commimanager, costello with the department and i'm pleased to be before you to discuss the negotiation agreement with marina degaussing, it is a vacant fenced in 720 square foot building with a 150 square foot patio sitting on the edge of marina green where fill more street will cross the park, it has sat idle for many year, for those of you who don't know what a marina degaussing station is, it is to assist and reduce any electromagnetic field thus maiming it less likely to be detected or lured to air and naught -- nautical
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lines, a little bit of the opportunity that was proposed last year, there was a proposal in april, 2011 for an operation of a restaurant, the department believes that the marina degaussing station is an ideal area for a restaurant, it is an area that is not well served by food options, the department sought experienced and professional restaurant tour to operate a high quality restaurant to serve visitors. the department convened a selection panel to view the responses of the rfp which consisted of the members of community, the department staff and the port department, the selection panel unanimously approved the selection of wood fish company for

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